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Technology in Africa?

Originally I assumed that my ideas for a future learning space could not be made possible as a refugee camp would be struggling to obtain food, let alone computers and technology.

But after finding this article and reading through it, my visualisation for a learning space could become a reality again!

This is a very interesting read that I highly recommend.




3 major factors stopping girls education!

Girls in refugee camps such as the Dadaab refuge complex in Kenya have many factors influencing the implementation of girls education.

3 major factors however that is affecting the girls and their access to education is:


  1. Sold into marriage
  2. Teen Pregnancy
  3. Severe Poverty    (One Girl, 2016)

These are the factors that need to be thought about when constructing action plans involving improvement for girls education.




At the beginning of this unit, if someone was to ask me what a learning space was? I would immediately say that a learning space is a classroom. Throughout the course of this unit I have come to the realisation that a learning space can be made anywhere and nearly accessible to anyone who needs it.
Whether it be setting up a learning space in the middle of a village in Africa or creating an Ecop of learners all striving to learn from any resource made available to them.
As a future teacher I have realised that I have a passion for teaching students who appreciate it and want it more than anything. I hope to get involved with a company in which I can go and teach students in third world countries. For the students that I teach in Australia, I am going to utilise online learning applications such as Google classrooms and Google docs.
I am going to keep an open mind in the future when considering learning spaces and that includes embracing the liminal – this is a new space for me and I have found that it has high importance in the journey of learning.

My future Learning Space

While creating this learning space to support girls education, I have come across some interesting and shocking information that has only greatened my desire to create this space.

Facts such as:

Educated girls are 50% more likely to immunize their children in the future.  A child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5. And with an extra year of education, a girl can earn up to 20% more as an adult

This next statement is highly alarming: In some places in Africa a girl is more likely to be sexually assaulted than she is to go to high school.

It is time to stop, come together and make a difference for these girls.

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The fundamentals of Education.. What might they be?

The thought has crossed my mind before.. if there was a fire in my house or for some reason I needed to flee, what would I grab?

My first thoughts were pictures and memorable items,my phone, favourite clothes and of course my dog. But after reading the ‘whats in my bag’ article, it has made me rethink everything and made myself question what is actually important? If i was to flee my country and home, what are the things that are essential to survive? It has also made me reflect on what is actually important when teaching children about the world around them.

Fundamentals of learning in the future:

–        Creating awareness

–        Inclusion

–        Creativity

–        Basic and essential values; such as caring for others and reaching out for support

–        Support

What we DO NOT need:

–        Discrimination

–        priorities and stress put into NAPLAN

–        Overlooking issues because they are ‘too difficult’ to deal with

Important considerations:

–        Assessments and teaching the curriculum is important but a child’s overall wellbeing and attitude towards learning is the most important thing.

My planning process in developing a new learning space

After much deliberation, I have come to the decision that I will be basing my learning space around girls education and in particular focusing on the Dadaab Refuge Complex with the majority of it’s population refugee’s fleeing from Somalia, Africa. This was quite an easy decision for me as I have recently volunteered in Africa and I have witnessed first hand the large amount of enthusiasm that the children have when it comes to learning. My research has also alerted me to the importance of educating young girls. A quote that really resinated with me is, “Brains are distributed evenly but education is not”.

My goal for my future learning space is to provide an online environment that will allow young girls access to informal websites and organisations that can help them have a better life. I would also like to create/provide a network where young girls can view the stories of others similar to themselves, and be able to witness firsthand that it is possible to beat the odds and achieve success. The two learning spaces that I will be using is the E-space and Group/Collaborative and Cooperative learning as together I believe we can make a difference. Girls will be able to collaborate and ask questions/share ideas on their experiences or queries.